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Dragon city battle guide

Dragon City Battle Guide | Unofficial Tips for a Dragon City Game Lover

Collecting new dragons and training them is fun to play in the Dragon City game. You are a beginner or already a master on dragon city game; it’s not a matter. You must need to follow a particular strategy a few times and need to change it on regular bases. Dragon City Battle Guide boosts your rank within a short time, even within a couple of weeks.

Dragon City is becoming an exciting game in a short time. For its realistic gameplay, intense graphics, and impressive sound quality. This game regularly updates over a short period. Most dragon city game lovers want to boost their dragons, farms, and battle to rank their level.

Dragon City Battle Guide 2021

Here we mention some of them-

Farms are Everything

To be a dragon master, farms play a vital role. Farms are essential to upgrade your rank. There is a lot of ways to get more firms. To become a better gamer, you need to upgrade your firm. Golds and gems are more comments and essential element to upgrade your farms.

Dragons are the more powerful creatures in dragon city games. The more dragon you can collect and feed them and make them stronger, the more chances you can win the battle. But the more dragons means the more farms. You can manage to build more farms using more golds. So gold is come in handy to get better with time.

Clearing Farms

We discuss the previous point that farms play a vital role in Dragon City games. But more farms mean more benefit, nothing like that. Some times more farms represent more investment in your loss in the game. Because if you have a higher number of farms, you have to face trouble with farming.

dragon city battle

So it will be a wise decision if you can remove unnecessary farms. Because it’s clear out the extra space, and this unoccupied land will provide you gems in several cases. And with these gems, you can construct so many things. After that, you also need golds for this whole process. And if you can save gems and golds from here, you can progress at a better rate. This method is highly effective in boosting the overall production so that you can rely on it.

Evaluating Habitats

Habitats can be a game-changer for this game. There are several types of habitats available in the dragon city game. You should need a higher number of habits which can provide you more advantages. Every dragon and habitats are different from others, like: from terra to legend habitat, you need to spend gold to get them.

Continued updated habitats will help you to progress faster. Habitats can provide you XP and many more, which will require the next level. This method is an easy and highly reliable option as compared to the other options.


From the above Dragon City Battle Guide, we find that these three mention tips are essential to boost your progress rate and make you a better gamer within a very short time. Collecting new dragons, attacking opponents, and bedding can progress faster for a new gamer.