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Dragon City Beginner Guide

Basic Dragon City Beginner Guide Unlocked for Dragon Lover

Dragon City game developed by Social Point. You’ve to breed your dragons to get the greatest and incredible creatures, here you will discover Dragon City Beginner Guide. Also, the Dragon City walk through provides you with short guidelines, tricks, tips, and cheats that will help you. Breed your satisfactory dragon partner in Dragon City.

As a beginner, you may find a lot of things confusing while you first begin. Dragon City is a game that uses dragons to reproduce and then use them to combat against other gamer for fun. The game would not just start with the hatchery. And they provide you with a brief guide about Terra habitat and Flame habitat.

Dragon City Beginner Tips
In this article, we are going to discuss some beginner tips which will be vital for you and better understanding as a beginner:

Leveling, Gems and Gold


To upgrade your game level in Dragon City is not too hard. It would help if you focused on building habitats, breeding dragons, clearing trees and stones, training or experiencing your dragon, visiting other players’ cities, and fighting in the Dragon Stadium or Tournaments.


A new level means more Gems.

Gems are one of the most valuable objects you ever find in this game. Gems are not free and not too easy to get. If you have real money, you can get it. There are some other ways to get gems like the Dragon Stadium or the Player League Tournament. Using these gems, you can buy rare dragons, hire workers to open your building, speed up your breeding time, expand your land, etc.


Every type of dragon can help you to collect gold per minute. You can use this gold to build your structures.

Dragon Elements

Dragon City Dragon Elements

Dragons and Habitats

Each dragon from specific habitats offers special gold.

The satisfactory gold/minute primary dragon is the Terra Dragon. However, Terra’s habitat will not let you store too much gold. The Terra Dragon only permits most of 500 gold. Your pleasant guess is to reproduce Terra Dragons with flame. Dragons to create flaming rock dragons or volcanic dragons. And hold them of their flame habitat, which can store 7500 gold.

The sea dragon offers less gold/minute; however, its habitat can deliver ten thousand gold. If you are not very active, construct sea habitats. And breed Terra and Sea dragons and hold them in sea habitats.

Below is a list of original dwellings and a listing of the maximum gold you could save:

Dragon Gold Capacity
Terra 200 2
Fire 7,500 2
Sea 10,000 1
Nature  7,500 2
Electric  3,000 2
Ice  15,000 1
Metal 15,000 2
Dark 20,000 2

Please note that you need to open your gems for ice and metal habitats. You can hire your friends to do this.


Food is one of the essential elements of your dragons to become stronger to level up and earn you extra gold/minute. To make Food, you could either create a farm and grow food or get it from the prizes every day or Monday. On occasion, you may watch videos to earn a thousand food.

Feed your dragons 4 times so that they will become stronger and will help you to level up. Your dragons will begin from level 1. Dragons double the consumption of food at every level. Below is the listing to take your dragon to level 10.

Level Food
2 20
3 40
4 80
5 160
6 320
7 640
8 1280
9 2560
10 5120

You need to complete a collection of 10220 food to get your dragon to level 10. To get your dragon over level 10, you need to reach level 20 to create your magic temple, which allows your dragons to attain level 15.

Dragon Combat

You should have participated in dragon tournaments when you find your dragon is strong enough after taking feed. This can be done by building the Dragon Stadium.

Before starting the tournaments, you should check all the details where you are entering. You only can bring three dragons in one tournament, and after defeating the dragons, you can earn two gems and some gold every after 12 hours. Be careful about the contest; if you find it’s only an ice dragon tournament, don’t bring Terra dragons. If you can, you will be wrong. So make sure to bring the right dragon to the battle.

Player competitions may be played every 6 hours. You beat anybody to your league and win them. You will get 2 gemstones and a few golds.

Below is a list of the weaknesses of each dragon type:

0 No Effect
0.5 Weak Damage
1 Normal Damage
2 Critical Damage


The Dragon City Game is a unique and very fun game to play. It’s like Pokemon; they drop it without the RPG elements. I hope this Dragon City Beginner Guide will help you clear some things as a Dragon City walkthrough. Good luck, breeding, and play!