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Dragon City Free Gems

Best Tips to Get Dragon City Free Gems You Will Read This Year

In this discussion, we will try to show how may you get Dragon City Free Gems. In this game, Dragon City Unlimited Gems plays a dynamic role. With these unlimited Gems, you could feed and train your dragons or you may decide to attach the best dragons in your troop with these free gems.

Dragon City is a social media-based online game in which you can control an entire island, which is pack with dragons and their territories. You give food to these dragons, nurse them and let them combat towards other dragons. This game also allows you to present or promote resources with the aid of visiting your friends’ dragon territories through Game center, Facebook, or Google Play connection.

With Food, Water, Fire, and all other essentials, you should build an environment to breed and train your baby dragons. For this, you will need a massive amount of in-game currency. You will get these currencies in the form of Gold Coins and Gems. In this article, we will show you how to get free gems in dragon city to be a Dragon Master.

What Makes Dragon City Gems Very Important?

As a Player of Dragon City, you know the importance of in-game currencies like Gems. Gems are one of the essential resources in Dragon City. Gems are considered as luxury properties within the game. You can easily manage other resources like Gold Coins and Food, especially at advanced levels. Still, you will have to work hard during the game to achieve Gems though these are Free.

Gems help to speed up most of the processes in Dragon City, which you will find very important during the gameplay. Suppose you need to complete some tasks immediately like breed dragons, hatching eggs, construct farms and habitats, Food production, train your dragons, and so on. You can complete these tasks with the help of Gems like magic. The number of gems will be equal to the number of hours the task takes to finish. For instance, you will have to spend 8 Gems to instantly hatch an egg that usually takes 8 hours to complete.

You could also use Gems for purchasing dragons. You can purchase the ones rare dragons like the legendary dragon, crystal dragon, wind dragon, and mirror dragon. You may even purchase the tri elemental dragon Poo, which is considered one of the rarest dragons in the Dragon City Game.

dragon city unlimited gems

The only Dragon you can’t buy is Pure dragons by Gems. The only way to get Pure Dragons by breeding. But gems can be used to acquire Pure dragons. Just use your Gems for breeding massive numbers of eggs. That can be hatched inside the hatchery and purchase the breeding tree so that you can breed four dragons (2 in the breeding mountain and a couple in the breeding tree) at the same time. This process will increase the chances of obtaining pure dragons in Dragon City Gameplay.

How To Get Free Gems in Dragon City to Become Dragon Master?

Gems are in-game currency and very difficult to earn this special money. To Earn Gems, you will have to complete different types of quests as a task. By completing some quests, you will be able to access a new level of the game and will earn some gems as a reward. On the other hand, you can receive Gems by subscribing to the game through Social Media account. By following to trick, you can earn unlimited Gems. Also you can click below button and doing some small task and able to collect unlimited gems.


Another 15 Awesome Tricks to Gain Dragon City Free Gems:
In this section of the article, we will show you some legit way you can apply to earn Gems in the gameplay. These splendid tricks of Dragon City Cheat my lead you to next Dragon Master.

Connect Your Dragon City Account with Social Media

You will be able to manage rewards while you will connect your game account with social media like Facebook. Please check the below points to know more about some social media rewards.
  • Facebook Rewards: By connecting your Facebook account with Dragon City account, you will get 10 gems as a reward. Please check daily Calendar Facebook awards, from where you may get random gifts for your daily login.
  • Facebook Roulette: you can participate in the Facebook roulette event; by attending the event, you can win 50 free Gems.

Log in Daily for Leveling-Up

Dedication works. Dragon City Game is not out of this. If you log in daily to play the game, Dragon city will provide you free Gems. By logging daily, you will also confirm other game goodies like a free reward like dragon eggs and your daily gaming goals.

dragon city daily rewards

You will earn free rewards of Woods, Coins, and Gems by checking all the daily goals you need to accomplish. To complete your daily in-game tasks and collect your free goodies to be habituated to login to the game daily.

Monday Reward Bonus

If you are using your PC to play the game Dragon City, you are eligible for an additional Monday reward Bonus in a week. Every Monday you will get to see 3 buttons to click, in each button, you will have some prize if you are lucky enough you may get a massive bonus. Below points described detail about the prizes are hidden in those buttons:

  • Reward Number 1: Perhaps you are going to get Elementary Dragons to form this.
  • Reward Number 2: By Clicking this button, you may get 5000 gold coins.
  • Reward Number 3: This option may give you 5 Gems as a prize.

Check Freebie Island

Promotional offers are very beneficial in Dragon City. Check for all special offers that provide free gems and coins while attempting a simple task. Some of the task you can perform to grab this freebie island as follows:

  • You can watch videos to collect gems and coins.
  • To get Free gems and coins, you can download and install the offered software.
  • You can join and complete some surveys to get free Coins and Gems.

Use Referral Bonus to Earn Gems

The game is primarily base on social media. So, this is very much possible to earn referral bonuses in Dragon City. You can invite your friends and family member through your game profile link; if anyone joins the game by using your link, you will get 10 Gems as a referral bonus.

Try to Complete Quests

By completing your quests in Dragon City game is the best way to earn Dragon City Gems. In Dragon City, the quest is like a side task. You will have to perform in the quest for more XP or coins. When you complete any quest, you will get Dragon City Free Gems as a reward.

Try to Complete Fight PvP or Combat Mode to earn Gems

Join PvP combat while your Dragon is ready for battle.

dragon city pvp

Remember, PvP will harvest free Gems for you if you win a battle. Let’s find valid points to earn Dragon City Gems from PvP or Combat:

  • By winning consecutive 08 wins in PvP, you may get 3-6 gems.
  • If you are a PC user for the game and win consecutive 07 wins, you will be awarded 02 Gems.
  • Every 06 hours, you can participate in a maximum of 03 bottles.
  • In a League, you will be able to choose over 400 battles.
  • In a 7 days rotation, you may earn 56 Gems, which means a maximum of 8 Gems in a day.

Level Up and Earn Free Gems

In Dragon City Game, you will be rewarded for a level-up reward with free Gems. Complete all your daily goals and tasks for the level you up are the best way so far. Completing daily tasks will help you gain XP points, and that XP points will help you level up in Dragon City Game.

jewelem tower dragon city

Touch Jewelem's Tower

In Dragon City, when you reach level 12, you will be astonished by seeing Jewelem’s tower automatically activated in your account. And by touching the tower, you will get 01 Gems. You will get 01 free gems in 24 hours’ rotation from that tower.

Participate in Tournaments and Events

Dragon City Game is all about tournaments and events, and you will be awarded free Gems when you actively participate in tournaments and events. Remember that all of these tasks are time and date based in manner. You will have to perform these tasks within the specific date limit to earn 04 gems per day.

Deus daily Bonus

There is a hidden game that exists in within Dragon City Game Called Deus Daily Bonus Challenge, you will get it in the goal section in your Dashboard. By which you can visit other players’ islands and earn free coins. Alternatively, you can actively participate in all mini-games to obtain free Coins and Gems.

Check Deus bonus games area for mini-games are available for you. Playing Mini-Games includes selecting correct cards that may help you to earn free 50 gems.

Fulfill dragon Book Collection

Completing a collection of books may lead you to earn unlimited free gems in Dragon City. For Gems rewards, Dragon City encourages its players to collect and complete an entire book dragon.

To complete the dragon book collection, you will have to acquire each Dragon shown in the book. You must complete some quests before you get to finish the book collection task. Actually, this Dragon book collection is given as a reward for completing a quest task, including Feeding and Breeding.

Depending on which level currently you are in, you will get 3-16 dragons for each book. And the rewards will be 2-18 Gems based on dragons type inside. Approximately 255 Dragons will be there for the entire collection. There are immense scopes to earn free massive Gems from this task.

dragon city gems

Dragon City Free Gems Gift

Sharing is caring. For Dragon City, this rule fits as well. Dragon City Game recently enable the feature, which allows a player to exchange Gems among fellow players as gifts. This unique option makes the Dragon City Game a social platform.

Experience points

Another exciting option to earn Free Gems on Dragon City are known as Experience points (shortly XP points). Players will receive a maximum of one Gem for leveling up. A lot of levels are too hard to complete and be eligible for the next level. You can follow this fast leveling up tip, construct farms and habitats, and then sell it to other players. Food plays a significant role here in Dragon City.

Dragon City Hack Generator

By hook or by crook, if you are not satisfied with the discussed methods in this article. And do you not have enough time to complete the task to handle during the Dragon City Gameplay. There is still another way we can recommend you to continue with the game Dragon City. The method is using Dragon City Hack Tool in your device.

Dragon City Hack Tool

By using this tool, you will get dragon city unlimited gems in your Gaming account within 3 minutes. Dragon City Hack will help you to make unlimited Gems and gold like magic.



Finally, we can say that we arrange this article to discuss Dragon City Free Gems. Including some tips and tricks about how you can achieve your skills to become a Dragon Master in Dragon City. All you have to do is to follow our recommendations and instructions provided in this article.

If you find any issue, we missed, please let us know, we will love to hear from you, and your suggestion will be published on our site with proper recognition. Please send us an email about your opinion. It will encourage us for the better development of the website.