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Dragon City Game

What is Dragon City Game and Key Features of Dragon City Game?

Do you love to play games online using Facebook? Social point has developed a social networking game named Dragon city. The game is absolutely free. Dragon City Game was launched for play on Facebook on May 8, 2012, and released the IOS for download from Google play store in 2013. Dragon city developer’s authority Social point made the game available for Intel Atom tablets for Android in August 2013 to download and play.

In Dragon City walkthrough, you can acquire a part of the island and start developing the unrivaled the place you acquired. You can improve the paly by constructing different types of building step by step. Besides constructing buildings in Dragon City, you will have to grow dragons. You have to try to take care of your dragons as much as possible to grow them faster. As they will help protect your place from prevailing enemy attacks.

What is Dragon City Game?

The moto of the game is to be an eventual dragon master. The players have to build their city on the floating islands, where gamers breed their baby dragons that will grow into a giant dragon. Build a Dragon City with attractive farms, habitats, and buildings along with a large number of dragons! You can invite your Facebook friends to visit your eye-catchy Dragon City. You build to impress them by your creativity.

Another moto of the Game Dragon City is to breed cute baby dragons and feed them properly. Because these baby dragons will be the essential Features of Dragon City free online game, that will help you to win the battle of the game. Once you succeed evolving of your dragons with proper food supply and with all other necessary foundations, they will turn into strong, dangerous dragons in the battle filed. You will notice that every dragon has its unique elements like water, fire, and so on. The player must be able to identify their strength. And be able to use them when the dragons are evolved into strong beasts during fighting against opponent dragon masters or even in other tournaments.

The Players have to increase their dragon collections by winning the battles against opponents. You can also increase over joining Facebook events. And gifts by other users, and you can elaborate your list of fantasy dragons that are rare hybrids to find. Besides the standard gaming logic, if you need more cheats and coins in the account, you are in the right place. We are here to share our Dragon City expert knowledge about the game cheats features to maximize your enjoyment and other benefits of the game.

Dragon City Online Game

For example, if you want to win any war against opponent dragon masters, you are required to breed your dragons with correct food and readiness of gems and coins. You will be able to manage all these through Dragon City Hack Tools. It will make everything easier to evolve baby dragons into giants.

We will recommend you to be familiar with the essential tools and features of the Dragon City free game before download or think about any cheats. After being familiar with the basic norm of the game, you can follow the below description that may make you understand the assignment of the same clarity.

Basic Method of Dragon City Online Game

The Dragon City ideas are very straight forward. As a Dragon Monster, your main task will be to collect dragons as much as possible and include them in your collection. Your Dragon City gameplay will depend on these collections. The stronger your team will be, the more dragons you can acquire, and it will help you win more Dragon city wars.

The Dragon City Game is based on running a dragon farm. You are fundamentally a Dragon farmer. You should collect Dragon Eggs and hatch them to incubate, nurse them for growing up, attached them into your dragon city. Means are taking care of your dragons are your regular task.

In-Game Dragon City, there is a food mechanism to follow. Just think about this, why you are feeding you tiny Dragons with the resources you collected, and why it needs to be captivated. The dragon with more height, the stronger it will become. For this mechanism to operate, you have to construct some buildings for this. For instance, your primary task will be to make a farm for a continuous meal to produce.

List of Dragon City Features

Here is the list of features that help the users to understand the game more clearly:

Dragon City Gems and Gold

You will need to breed and collect over 500 dragons for that you will have to complete the entire dragon book. For collecting these dragons, it is necessary for Dragon master to win a battle and acquire all the golds and gems for the defeated player to unlock other dragons form the list.

Dragon City Gems and Gold

Dragon City Social Point

You will find new dragons on a weekly basis in Social Media through special breeding events and supplementary islands. In reality, most of the players wait for the week to end to avail of these extra benefits and information offered for dragons. And why not; They are dedicated to the same time and effort! Well, they deserve the best dragons and elements above all!

Tournament in Dragon City

You have to challenge other Dragon Master by using Facebook invitation for a new battle. You can arrange to participate in tournaments accordingly. Combat against opponent dragons will help you to understand the essentials of the dragon you are competing with. On the other hand, any tournament will benefit as a platform that can help to train your dragons for an extreme situation.

Dragon City Hatch

Hatch plays a role in the Dragon City Gameplay. You will have to hatch small eggs for cute dragons. To complete the hatching process, you will need an incubator, where you will incubate your dragon eggs. All after the hatching process, all the tiny dragons will look like the fire breathing kids. After proper nursing, they will become giant dragon monsters. It’s time to send them for fighting against your rivals.

Advanced Features of Dragon City

To get success, you will need to have to access some advanced features. Some fantasies similar to Guardian Dragons, the ancient world, and so on will reveal to you after winning a few battles. Readers, the fact that fighting battles are just to relish the environment for advanced features. And you will be happy to know that we will help you to enjoy the fullest with all the features that exist in the game by our Dragon City Hack Tools.

Dragon City Islands

You will have to build attractive cities for other visitors or friends on Facebook every time they visit your profile. This is quite fun, which is integrated with the game. You will have to use your imaginative mind to construct an eye-catchy landscape on the floating islands. Mark to the fact, a lot of users build gorgeous castles and cities that they never leave!

Dragon City Islands

Dragon City Free Gifts from Friends and Family

You will need to be communicative with the limit of your account to obtain, send help and gifts in exchange with your friends. Sending request about your need to random users will help grow your consistency over invitation and gifts on Dragon City features.

Making you proud of what you are doing is good to feel. The game Dragon City is not out of that; over 80 million Facebook users worldwide are playing the game and feel proud to show them as Dragon Master. They do it by carrying their baby dragons anywhere and every place they visit. By far, this is one of the fascinating features of the game that help you to resume your status as same in the game without starting it from the beginning. So, playing the game through Facebook will help your status remain unchanged.


In final words, as an online game, Dragon city is thought-provoking with gorgeous 3D graphics. You will feel like a family atmosphere like you are raising your child, feeding them, educating them as all the parents do for their kids. You will do this sort of work by raising dragons through the Dragon City Game. Who does not love cute dragons, you are not out of this, so get access to your Dragon City in your android system and enjoy your time the fullest with this stunning game?