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Dragon City Guide

Dragon City Guide for Beginner | Latest Newbie Tips and Trick Must Follow 2021

Dragon City is an epic Facebook game from Spanish Developer Jan Kirby and by Social Point. In this article, we will discuss some beginners point of view that you may need a solution to proceed with the game and we named it Dragon City Guide for Beginner.

Some technical issues need to considered for entry-level players. We will try to deliver some basic ideas about how you can acquire more and more vigorous dragons. Get more Food, get more rewards, level up quicker, and, most importantly, breed exotic and rare dragons.

We plan this article as an introductory Dragon City Guide for entry-level players to quickly jump into the exciting epic game of the Dragon city.

Dragon City Beginner Guide

Dragon city is an epic groovy game that features so many exclusive varieties of dragons. As a player, your goal is to reproduce dragons, earning goals, gather new dragons, and breed more potent dragons.

All in the final, use these dragons to encounter other players to earn rewards. We hope that you already get some main concept that is breed rare and fabulous dragons. That will not only help you to earn a massive amount of Dragon City gold, but they will help you to win the war.

Best Dragon City Guide for Newbie

In this part of the article we will remark some best method that make your gameplay more enjoyable:

Dragon City Battles

It’s time to discuss Dragon City Battles. During the time of this writing, Dragon City has developed two modes of a battleground. One is named Stadium fights, and another one is the Combat world. Both battle modes are produced on a similar ground of idea that you will utilize your dragons for a battle to secure Dragon City Gold and different things. You will find more details about battling in our Dragon City Combat Guide.

In a short note, you will find some similarities with the Pokémon game that deals with 4 battle moves. Only the differences in these moves are elements stats are differently used in Dragon City.

Some of the elements are more effective that deal with more damages or be less effective that deals with partial damage. Generally, Dragons with higher HP have low attack ration. On the other hand, Dragons with lower HP have a higher attack ration in Dragon City Game.

Currencies and Points of Dragon City Game

Currencies play a vital role in the Dragon City game. You will need to know about some currencies that include Gold, Food, Gems, EXP, and more about the number of dragons.

Generally, through questing, you could earn Dragon City gold, from Dragon Territory, you can collect Gold and win in battles. You can earn Dragon City Food by questing farmhouses. The real cash currencies are present in the game is Gems. For level up and reveal more buildings and dragons, you will get help from EXP.

Points of Dragon City Game

Basic Dragon City Walkthrough

To make you more comfortable with the gaming environment. We have decided to discuss some of the buildings in this part of the article as a beginner guide that can help you to start the game.

Upgrade Hatchery on Dragon City

You will find Hatchery as the elementary building in the game. To progress with your game plan, you will need to hatch your dragon eggs with Hatchery’s help. You will need to increase the number of eggs to be hatched to produce more dragons, so you will have to upgrade your Dragon City Hatchery.

Dragon City Habitats Upgrade Guide

The Habitats are the place where your Dragons will stay. For the beginner level, all the habitats will 4×4 spaces in your islands at the upcoming level. You will need more significant habitats. We will discuss them in advance level.

The dragons produce different types of Gold revenue depending on Dragons type, elements, and growth level. By upgrading the habitats, you can increase the number of dragons you want to accommodate and maximize the gold capacity.

Dragon City Farms Info

In Dragon city game, the farm is the primary good producing building. Over a period of time, you will have to spend some Dragon city gold or coins to get Food.

You will get different options at a higher level of the game to generate food for your dragons. Still, spending some gold on getting food the best choice in the beginner level of the game in Dragon City.

Dragon City Boost Pack

In this game, the boost building is used to increase the revenue generation; it increases your Dragon’s revenue generation 20-80% more.

Breeding Guide Dragon City

In Dragon City Game Dragon Breeding is the core technique to gain extra dragons in the game. At the starting of your game you will get one baby dragon to breed like it’s parents. So, you will have to choose which dragon you want to breed. You will need to get a favor of luck in this task of Dragon City Game for the reason that same combination of dragons can produce different result.

We will advise you to check our Dragon City Breed Guide. To know about more combinations and formula that you can create your desired combination of dragons you need.

Breeding Guide Dragon City

Dragon City Buildings

There are three types of distinctive buildings offered by the game. For you, you will have to fulfill some requirements such as your neighbors or your Facebook friends to accept the rewards. You will get Special Dragon eggs as rewards from recruitment taverns.

You may earn either Gold or Food from Dragon Market. And to be eligible to fight with our dragons in Dragon City Battles Stadium Building is the option to choose.

Dragon City Temples Inventory

The temples are vital at the end of the game when you need to increase your revenue and level up of the dragons further. Building temples in Dragon City will enhance, and level caps will increase for you. The 20 level magic temple can raise the Dragon’s level cap to 15 to 25.

Best Dragons in Dragon City

Now we will talk about the best dragons of this game. According to Dragon City Guide, the best Dragon is the Earth dragon. Because to start your battle this dragon has the ability to generate gold very fast rather than any other beginner dragons.

Even so, you can consider using water element as them has one of the highest Gold reward capacity. The best Dragon you can use for battling is Legendary ranked dragons. The Legendary ranked dragons are characteristically stronger than any other dragon in Dragon City; it has no elemental weakness.

Dragons in Dragon City

Dragon City Breeding

The breeding buildings in Dragon City Game is used to increase your capability breed rare dragons like breeding mountain and ultra-breeding tree. This breeding building will help you to produce your dragons for Dragon city game to continue.

Dragon City Special Buildings

Dragon City deals a quite straight forward thing about expansion of additional buildings in Dragon territory. Either you can have lot of neighbors and buy a property with Gold or by spending Dragon City Gems you can buy the property instantly. On the other way, it is very important to increase land areas in Dragon City to expand your Dragon City territory with different buildings.


We will be glad and honored if you love our Dragon City Guide that we discussed it in this article. Hope you will continue with Dragon City Mod APK to explore the game and continue. We tried our best to include all the necessary information for your pleasure about the game Dragon City.