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dragon city walkthrough

Dragon City Walkthrough | A Basic Guide, Tips & Strategies for Newbies

In this Dragon City walkthrough article, we will discuss some essential guides, tips, and some crucial Strategies for beginner gameplay.

Dragon City is one of the best collections of Social Point. They produce a lot of fantastic popular games. There are plenty of dragons hunt and hatch eggs make the dragon city game more realistic. In the virtual world of Dragon City, different types of dragons can help to get hybrid, epic, simple, and other types of dragons with ease.

Dragon City Game Walkthrough Guide

Here is a list of Dragon City Game walkthrough guide for you:

Newbies Aim

The first aim of this game is to overcome small obstacles. For that, you need to collect substantial virtual currencies. In dragon city, game gold and gems are the main currency after getting many gold and gems to begin getting into these games.

Attacking Opponents

Attacking opponents is one of the best to become a dragon master. Dragon city is also a battle game, so you can upgrade your dragon because the dragon plays a vital role here. To upgrade your dragon, you need to train and feed them. For that, you need unlimited gems and gold. If you have enough gold and gems, you can train and experience your dragon to fight others and attack opponents.

Dragon Collection

If you are not short of gems and golds, it will not be hard for you to obtain a new dragon. When you get a new dragon, you should realize how important this first dragon is in your gameplay. It only takes a few days to obtain five dragons. You can train them and make them better for a fight to send golds. You also can grab more dragons through gems. To become a dragon master, you should need to spend your currencies wisely. You can check our Dragon City Hack Tool to generate unlimited gems and golds.

dragon city walkthrough guide

Dragon Food

Leveling up dragons in Dragon City can cost a lot of food, especially if you want to make the strongest dragons. Creating some farms and increasing its size dragon city food plays a significant role. You need to feed your dragon and make them stronger and more prominent. Virtual currency is very much required for that, and a max of the time, you may need to spend a lot of virtual currency on feeding your dragons. This will allow you to gets a better gamer for sure.

Boosting Ranks

Based on the type of dragons and experience, you are given rank in the dragon city game. The more you obtain dragon and train them, the more rank you can get in the game. For that, you need to spend virtual currency. Also, if you don’t manage to get the virtual currency, you can buy this currency using real money.


You can find the quest icon on the main screen of the game. Here you will find a big list to compete on these quests. If you complete this successfully, you can get free gold and gems to unlock a new dragon and enhance your game level. It will keep on getting better when you progress toward the betterment for sure.


Getting virtual currency is not easy, but above, we mention some essential dragon city walkthrough guide. We think it will help you get some free golds and gems to help you play this game. If you use a wise tactic and collect limited dragon until you have large farms and stuff in stock, you can show signs of improvement.