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The Ultimate Guide to Get Free Gold Dragon City and Level Up Faster

This article provides you some gameplay hacks that you must know before starting the game. You may be looking for how to get free Gold Dragon City. But these tips will enable you to progress, battles, collect gold, and much more.

As a Dragon City gamer, you will love to imagine a city filled with dragons. What if we say that all your dragons are under your complete control? The Dragon city games that give you the freedom to create your Dragon city. In the game, as a master of all dragons, you will not only make the generate the environment of dragon hatch. You will also take part in combats to win rewards.

Dragon City Gold Guide

Social point develops this game for Facebook, iOS, and Android mobile systems. Like all other mobile games, one will play the game to earn virtual money. In this game, you will get coins in the form of gold.

The generation falls into the game and spends time for hours. But like other games, Dragon City has in-app purchases. Leading to Dragon City hack searches.

We publish this article to provide you some gameplay hacks that you must beware of before starting the game.

In-game coins like golds are necessary to buy dragons of different elements. And upgrade existing dragons for the game. The easiest way to earn gold is to build dwellings where you can make a lot of money between different dwellings through fire and water. There are many more ways to earn gold, such as upgrading your home regularly. Dragon City Hack is an excellent tool for instantly loading gold.

free gold dragon city

Getting unlimited gold is only possible by purchasing the app in Dragon City. Many websites claim to have provided various Dragon City cheats. It increases the gold collection. It is their reward for what they try to achieve.

Yet, there are a few more methods that the Social Points has set as a rule within the game for winning gold.

How to Get Free Gold in Dragon City?

Here we will discuss how you can get gold Dragon City and through this gold how you can achieve new habitat, train your baby dragon, win a battle, overcome some barriers to your islands, and so many things. Some Tips here:

Daily Login

You will surprise to know that Dragon City has a login bonus for logging in for five days in a row. You must understand that if you log in consecutively for three days, you will get 1500 gold. The more consistently you login, the more gold you will get.

Upgrade Your Habitats

It would be best if you upgraded your habitats regularly to collect more gold. Each habitat has a limit, and it increases with upgrades.

Optimize Your Dragon Market is an Away

The best possible way to earn extra gold and food is the proper use of the dragon market. To get this feature, you need to connect your game to your Facebook account.

Your Expansion Work of Your Territory

The development of your region becomes essential when you have less space. But the expansion gives you more freedom to make and collect gold.

Buy and Sell the Firm

Selling your farms can be an option when you need the gold urgently. Whenever you buy farms and sell them, you get the same price as XPs and half the price of gold you buy. So, as you feel like growing XP will give you some extra air, this is an option to sell a few farms.

Leveling Your Dragons

The higher the level of your dragon, the more gold they will help to earn. Increase food as much as possible to feed your dragons to raise their levels. Providing your dragons ten levels or more will maximize your income potential.


Continuously Breeding is essential to get dragon eggs even if you already have the dragons you’re breeding. Breeding plays a vital role in Dragon City Gameplay. When the eggs come out, you can sell it anytime.

Frequent play

It is impossible to play for 24 hours a day, so Log in as much as you can to collect from your habitats. And this will help you to earn more gold.

dragon city gold guide

Buy Terra Dragon

If you already could not manage one. Go to Build> Dragon> Terra> Terra Dragon (price 100 gold). Please wait for the terra dragon to raise, hatch it and keep it in a shelter.

Buy Basic Ice Dragon

If you haven’t already managed a basic Ice Dragon. Go to Build> Dragon> Ice> Ice Dragon (price 75,000 gold). Please wait for the ice dragon to raise, hatch it and keep it in a different shelter.

Re-breed Terra and Ice Dragon

Within 16 hours of breeding, Teera and Ice dragon can provide Alpine dragon. After another 16 hours, breeding Mountain or UItra Breeding Tree, incubate dragon.

Sale your ALPINE Dragon

Sell it as soon as your alpine dragon egg incubation process is complete. You will get 100,000 gold. At the same time, your second breeding of terra and ice dragon will over. So you have to wait another 16 hours for the second alpine dragon to hatch so that you can sell it and earn 100,000 gold again.

Dragon City Gold Generator

Somehow, if you think that all the discussed methods are taking your time, and you cannot compete with the top players in the Dragon City game. Then there is a Gold Generator that can provide free golds for you. You can call it Dragon City Hack Tool.

These free golds will be available to your game account within 3 minutes of your time. These can be used to make unlimited gold. It is our suggestion to use this online tool.


With over seven million reviews and more downloads for game proofs that there must be some fascinating extra features. After the game’s release, many gamers are still fully involved with the game on the journey. The above discussion about free Gold Dragon City has been effectively chosen to give you extra support at every game level.